Hiking Borrego Canyon to Red Rock Canyon, Lake Forest

LOCATION: Borrego Trail, Lake Forest, CA 92610 

DISTANCE: 4.2 miles

ELEVATION: 419 feet

DIFFICULTY: Easy to Moderate

The Into the Green crew went on a local hike located in Lake Forest, Ca. We loved the various trails on this hike, it had multiple options of different landscapes/terrains and a friendly hiking/biking ratio. 

OVERVIEW: The Borrego Canyon trail was very diverse and had many trail options. We started from the parking lot up Borrego Canyon Trail. Following the creek bed, the trail was very sandy. On the Sunday morning we went, we were met by many mountain bikers trying to pass us. Luckily the trail is a 'one-way' trail for mountain bikers, so that helped limited the traffic.

After hiking for a mile and a half,  we reached a juncture with an information board. The Borrego Canyon and Mustard Road trails intersect. Veering to the right on Mustard Road Trail, we quickly made a left up Red Rock Trail.

Little did we know that we'd soon leave the creek-bed vegetation and find ourselves surrounded by redish sandstone mountains, as if we were in the middle of Utah!

Near the end of the trail, we found some cool rock formations to scramble up. Beautiful views greeted us, successfully ending this out-and-back trail.

HOW TO GET THERE: Borrego Canyon Trail is located in Lake Forest right off of Portola Pkwy just South of Alton Pkwy and North of Bake Pkwy. The Trail is next to a Ralphs grocery store and their is parking available specifically to the trail at $3.00, you can park at the Ralphs (we did) but I would do so with caution.   The nearest open freeway is the 5 FWY and for some the 241 Toll road (super close.) 


Here is a list of the key gear we used on our hike and recommend.